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Locally Owned and Operated in the South Okanagan

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Canada Geese Deterrent Lights

We are a Western Canada distributor and provider of Away With Geese products.

Want to know how to get rid of geese? 

With a 97% success rate over 15 years, over 26,000 units in service worldwide, these are an industry leader and  you won’t be disappointed.

Geese deterrent products feature a solar-powered light that is scarcely noticeable to humans but is very disruptive to the sleep of the geese, causing them to find another habitat after just a few restless nights. The solar-powered lights charge each day and flash 360 degrees, every two seconds from dusk to dawn, at eye-level of the geese. They require no maintenance and the durable ABS plastic of their bases will withstand any weather conditions. Each unit will get rid of geese in a 100-yard radius.

Product Info

Ground Unit

The original unit is designed to easily rid private lawns, fields and gardens of unwanted geese, taking only seconds to install and easily moved, if so desired. It is satisfaction guaranteed to deter geese from the freshly-cut grass and water features of yards and prevents additional geese from coming and staying.

Dock Unit

The floating Water Unit is recommended for use in ponds, lakes.

The Dock Unit is recommended for docks where geese congregate

Water Unit

This unit is designed for ponds , swimming areas and beaches. 

It needs to be tethered and weight to keep it in place

Industrial Cage

The Industrial Unit is recommended for use in public areas such as athletic fields, industrial areas, and parks, where theft of the unit is a concern. It builds on the success of the Residential Unit with the added security of a steel auger that twists into the ground to avert theft. It is completely worry free—no theft and no geese.