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The biggest problem consumers face with security cameras is protection from vandals and weather. Fortunately, there are dome-shaped CCTV cameras available where the dome serves as a protective layer and inside the dome, there is a small lens made out of durable material.

PTZ Cameras 

A pan–tilt–zoom camera (PTZ camera) is a camera that is capable of remote directional and zoom control. This results in the camera following movement. The program allows the camera to estimate the size of the object which is moving and distance of the movement from the camera. With this estimate, the camera can adjust the camera’s optical lens, zooming in and out, in an attempt to stabilize the size of pixel fluctuation as a percentage of total viewing area. Once the movement exits the camera’s field of view, the camera returns to a pre-programmed or “parked” position until it senses pixel variation and the process starts over again.

Night Vision Cameras

The most common type that’s used on most security cameras is infrared (IR) night vision, which relies on infrared light. Infrared light is completely invisible to the naked eye. So it doesn’t look like a bright light is flooding the area from the outside, but it actually is—your eyes just can’t see it IR or night vision cameras use infrared light to illuminate images in the dark. Infrared light is actually all around us

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